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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Assessments and treatments for Vertigo/Dizziness, to help figure out why the world is spinning around you.

Feeling dizzy can make daily activities feel impossible, especially when you feel hopeless and unsupported in your recovery from it. The good news is that vertigo is one of the main causes of dizziness and one of the main causes of vertigo is BPPV ( Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) which is treatable with physiotherapy. Each ear has its own set of 3 tiny little roller coasters ( semicircular canals) that has tiny crystals riding on them during movements in different planes/angles. These little roller coasters and crystals help tell your brain where your body is moving in space (vestibular system), the crystals can get stuck causing one to feel like the world is spinning around them from even small head movements. What physiotherapy can do is help these crystals move more functionally, thus improving the spinning/dizzy sensation that you may be getting from vertigo. 
It is also important to determine that your dizziness is actually being caused by BPPV, therefor a thorough assessment will be done to make sure to rule out any other differential diagnosis, such as issues with positional changes and low blood pressure, and when appropriate referrals to the doctor will be made.

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