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Julia Dawn Mitchell

Owner and Practising Physiotherapist

Julia holds a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of British Columbia, and also has postgraduate education in Dry Needling and rehabilitation of patients during and post pregnancy.

She has been working in exercise rehabilitation for 10+ years. Her experience ranges from treating elite athletes to working with neurological disorders, such as: MS, post stroke, and Parkinson's disease. Julia also has experience with successfully treating vertigo, tension headaches, TMJ and concussions/ post concussion syndrome. With a passion to improve function, mobility, and wellbeing, Julia endeavors to improve the health of others through a holistic, individualized, and hands on approach.

Providing personalized and thorough assessments, to find the root of the problem, Julia’s approach to treatment is to not only assess the mechanics and vectors of your entire body but to also consider social and emotional demands, such as work, kids, hobbies and goals.

Outside of the clinic, Julia enjoys shining her competitive light in a variety of team sports and spending as much time as possible being active in nature during every season. She also loves to dance or do anything that is creative!

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Jessica Slivka


Originally from Canmore, AB, Jessica graduated from the University of Calgary in 2009 with her Bachelor of Kinesiology in Mind Sciences. Shortly after, she attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton where she graduated with her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy in 2011. Jessica started her career as a physiotherapist by working in private practice clinics in Calgary and it did not take long for her to realize this type of practice was where she was meant to be. 

Since graduation, she has continued to work in several outpatient private clinics Alberta, Saskatchewan and now BC. She is currently trained in Graston Technique, kinesiotaping, manual therapy and myofascial release techniques, vestibular and visual therapy, as well as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.
While in Saskatechewan, Jessica had the privilege of being the team trainer and physiotherapist for the Junior ‘A’ Estevan Bruins Hockey Club. When she moved to BC in 2015, she continued her work with hockey teams, holding the same role with the Junior ‘B’ Summerland Steam Hockey Club. This is what prompted her initial interest in concussion care. Since then, Jessica has taken training in vestibular and visual rehabilitation and acute/chronic concussion management, and has become experienced with treating these types of patients. 

Outside of the clinic, Jessica likes spending time with her family and dog, doing yoga, casual running and taking in the Okanagan sunshine.

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Kaska Ploch

Mobile Physiotherapist

Katarzyna has over 15 years of experience as a Physiotherapist in acute care and home care.She has found in-home therapy very rewarding and believes it plays an essential role in increasing safety, mobility, independence and overall quality of life.Her focus is on helping individuals with:- balance, mobility and independence- post surgical rehabilitation and recovery-orthopaedic, post stroke and Parkinson’s rehabilitation- fall recovery- fall prevention and home safety assessment.Katarzyna enjoys being active with her family, biking, hiking and exercising.

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Sinjan Potgieter


Sinjan Potgieter was born in South Africa and immigrated to Canada with his family when he was five years old. Growing up he always had a passion for sports and the outdoors and wanted to have a career where he could be active and help other people be active. This led him to study Kinesiology at UBCO, where he got his Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics, and later became a CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer. Through his studies he became even more interested in exercise and the many benefits of physical activity. He believes exercise should be part of everyone's daily routine, especially if you want to live a long, high quality life.

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Kate MacLean

Registered Massage Therapist

Kate studied a Kinesiology at the U of Victoria, then went onto attend the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy graduating as an RMT in 1997. After working for 8 years in a physiotherapy clinic, she trained in Stott Pilates and subsequently opened a Pilates and Massage Therapy Center. Kate also graduated as an Integral Master Coach™ and collaborated with psychotherapists and councilors in Vancouver.
The different tangents and life experiences in the health and wellness field have been rewarding and have enabled her to bring an integrative approach to her patients over the last 25+ years of being an RMT.
Some of Kate’s passions are working with postural/biomechanical imbalances, especially related to the workplace and sports. Her practice overseas for the last couple of years involved mobile massage therapy to a private golf course for tournaments, golf specific pre/post sports massage and exercise prescription.
Kate has plentiful experience and interest in addressing myofascial pain syndrome, cervical spine dysfunctions such as whiplash and tension headaches, TMJ disorder, sports injuries, and post op rehab. She refers to evidence-based reviews to guide relevant treatment and incorporates aspects of Trigger Point therapy, deep tissue massage, sports massage, myo-fascial release, and exercise prescription.
A love of nature, culture, art, music, cycling, golf, and travel have taken Kate and her husband in many directions around the globe. Kate is delighted to be here in the South Okanagan and looking forward to being part of the community and an integral part of your health team.

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Ashley Shaw


Ashley’s career in the health industry started when she attended Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT) and achieved her Wellness Practitioner Certification. This service allows her to provide massage services. In 2010, she
completed additional online education and became a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. This path has provided her with optimal and outstanding experience working with a large variety of clientele. Her experience opened the doors to then pursue an education in Kinesiology where she can further work with individuals in injury prevention & rehabilitation to further increase her client’s quality of life. Since graduating in 2019 from UBCO with her Kinesiology degree, Ashley actively does research on her own time as well as participating in continuing educational courses to expand her knowledge in her area of expertise including women’s health. Since having
two children of her own, Ashley’s true passion lies with prenatal and postpartum women. Helping and educating pregnant women how to safely exercise with consideration to possible pregnancy ailments, and a possibility for a quicker recovery.
Ashley also helps women with postpartum rehabilitation with consideration to caesareans, incontinence, back or pelvic pain, and organ prolapse. Ashley is empathetic, understanding, and easy to relate with.
Outside of work, you can find Ashley out on the cliffs rock climbing, on the trail’s mountain biking, in the alpine backpacking or on the slopes snowboarding. You can also find her at kid’s playgrounds regularly!

Meet our team: Welcome
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