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IMS/ Dry needling

with Julia Dawn

So that you not only feel better but you can continue feeling better.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Assessments and treatments for Vertigo/Dizziness, to help figure out why the world is spinning around you.

Jaw / TMJ Dysfunction

Are you experiencing pain in your jaw/temporomandibular joint (TMJ ) with things like yawning, or chewing? Or are you experiencing some form of stress headache?

Return to Sport

We are here to help guide you in your return to sport but we would also love to help prevent them in the first place. 
As Bruce Buffer from UFC would say iiiit's tiiiime!!!


Let's get you functioning at your optimal.

Post surgical

Physiotherapy cannot only strengthen and prepare your body for surgery but we also help guide and motivate you to encourage recovery and the highest level of functioning afterwards.

Aspects of Thoracic Ring

Is a rib causing dysfunction and pain in your body?

Aspects of Integrated Systems Model

Let's not forget about how interconnected our body is from head to toe.

It's time to realign!

Body Scans and Relaxation Techniques

Our mind body connection is more important than we think.

Graston Technique

Gractson is great for things like Plantar fasciitis where scar tissue or fascial adhesions can build up over time from either, trauma or wear and tear.

Ergonomic assessment and education

The positions you're in all day are the positions that are most important.

Pregnancy, postpartum and Diastasis Recti

It's time to build back your strength and stability.


Taping can help provide support like a brace after an injury, but it can also help with postural dysfunctions causing chronic pain.

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Get back to moving freely

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